Saturday, April 28, 2007

Packs 14-16

These were actually opened on Friday night, but you know alcohol and TV etc etc...

Pack Fourteen

A very blue pack...

Tottenham Hotspur Squad
: Maybe next year eh lads? Again.

Joey O'Brien – Bolton Wanderers: He looks like someone... I can't put my finger on it. Looks all of his 21 years... minus 6 or 7.
Sun Jihai – Man City: GOT. Damn your hippy necklace.

Ricardo Carvalho – Chelsea: The start of a monster pack for CSKA London...

Frank Lampard – Chelsea: Fat Frank - not the best midfielder at Chelsea, never mind the World...

Petr Cech – Chelsea: Then you have to say Cech probably is the best keeper...

Pack Fifteen

John Terry – Chelsea: JT rounds off a huge boost to the Chelsea effort. Four sticker, and 3 5 star players!
Michael Tonge – Sheffield Utd: One of the few Sheff United players I've actually heard of!

Ledley King – Tottenham Hotspur: If he gets over his injury prone phase he could be quite euseful

Middlesbrough Badge: Ahhh shiny badge!

MOST WANTED – Thierry Henry: Nice! Apparently 10% of stickers requested last year where Terry Henry's. I've already got two separate ones... and there's still one more to go!

Adrian Mariappa – Watford: He probably got his one star ratig on the basis of his cool name. I like his straight forward signature.

Pack Sixteen

George Boateng – Middlesbrough: Always seems to be really highly rated... I've never quite worked out why.

Phillipe Senderos – Arsenal: GOT! You very French person you.

Charlton Athletic Badge: Another nice shiny badge! That's eight now with no swaps!

Osmane Dabo – Man City: Have a Dabo that!

Julio Arca – Middlesbrough: Julio Georgio himself?

Liverpool Squad: I loved seeing this come out of the wrapper - man I'm sad. Wait 'til the badge comes along!

Only a very healthy two swaps in 3 packs. I must admit that I've always been quite cynical of stickers, thinking that there were pretty much fixed - but the spread seems very even and fairly random so far.

The NPP slips again slightly to 5.56 with the GPP upping slightly to .44. The projected completion pack is now 93.84.

The first time in a while therw were no Pompey stickers, but they keep their one sticker lead. Chelsea were obviously the biggest movers this time with 4 stickers in three packs.

The teams graph quite nicely shows the even spread of stickers throughout the album. There's on Wigan and Everton who are struggling on 1 and 2 stickers respectively.

Reading have really dropped off the pace - I haven't seen one now since Pack Eight!

I promise that I'll work on some new graphs soon!

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